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$1727 + change

NOW it's getting interesting!

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If I want to sell my scrap, I'm stuffed since it's in the bank.  

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@fthunt wrote:

$1727 + change

NOW it's getting interesting!

That is a futures contract, not today's pricing nor what you would get for scrap.


A few weeks ago it took a - $60/oz 1 day hit.


Some countries have a sizeable stockpile and needed to sell to raise cash.

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May 13, 2020 Scrap Gold Prices
24K (pure, .999+)  $55.13/gram
18 Karat$41.35/gram
14 Karat$32.16/gram
Basis: $1714.80/Troy Ounce
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Sold some of my stuff when it hit 1764.

See what it does closer to Nov.