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G.I.L.I Got It Oversized Sherpa Hoodie..

For some reason one cannot leave a review on this coat, but I wanted to alert those considering buying it that G.I.L.I has changed it, and its not for the better! The sleeves from the elbow to the wrist are extremely tight. I have average size arms, so its not me. Also, Leah said they had "removed" some of the fabric so the coat is not so boxy, but now it seems way less cozy. Just wanted to post a heads up!

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Re: G.I.L.I Got It Oversized Sherpa Hoodie..

Thanks for the heads up. I have three coming and one sent as a gift. I have the cream one from last year and my daughter, friend and I love them.  I want the plain navy blue one shown in the pictures. I did order the heathered blue, but really want the solid blue. Hope they offer these again soon. More solid colors needed like green, cream, navy, grey, brown.....

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Re: G.I.L.I Got It Oversized Sherpa Hoodie..

I had a feeling they would cut it smaller since so many of the reviews expressed concern that it was so large.


I have one of the originals from last season, and I would say it ran large but not as large as some claimed given that it is supposed to be OVERSIZED.  

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Re: G.I.L.I Got It Oversized Sherpa Hoodie..

I agree ....I sized down after last years tent ...and its too small ....sleeves just fit but too small around the waist. I'm sending back for the last of the XL/1x which i hope now isn't too big. Again, no reviews....why Q????