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Re: Funny memories of QVC or HSN

Ha, ha, @chickenbutt ,  Rick Dohmeier and Dave King in lederhosen, dancing?  That rings a faint bell with me and it is hysterical!  Just the image...


I wish I could remember that hilarious, very dramatic fake soap opera that Joan, Rick, and I think Lisa R., among others, performed in on the Q.  They were all totally deadpan, and I think Joan was a glamorous "cougar" and Rick was her younger, devoted "escort" or something....   

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Re: Funny memories of QVC or HSN

@coco14 wrote:



Remember when Jeff and Judy got married?  Shortest marriage on record!



I remember it vividly as many of us were addicted to QVC gossip back then. There was a message board devoted entirely to Home Shopping.   Rumor has it poor Jeff suffered a massive stroke sadly.   And Judy re-married that clod Paul Deasey.  Never understood what she saw in that man.

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Re: Funny memories of QVC or HSN

Colleen had a real long laughing attack with this old time host. He was at least 15 to 20 years older than her. He colored his hair almost black. I think he was on jtv after that. Very nice man. He talked about his wife and he was very knowledgeable on jewelry and he was funny.