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Love it!!! Funny, funny....Woman Very Happy

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Some of those fund raisers make folks jump through the hoops.  I donated quite a bit of items to a non-profit for their use but wasn't invited to the ladies tea because I didn't purchase a membership $15.  Though they have thus far recieved over $1,500 in goods from me, a mere piece of paper was the hold up.  Won't join as it's not my overall goal in life.  Got a donation receipt and that's the good thing that came out of that. 

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I think this is great! And funny!


When my son went to a small private school, the fund raising got out of control because so much money was needed and the pool of participants rather small. We would have loved this.


In public schools, many people don't have the funds to just cut a check, but would rather 'do the work' of fund raising, so for some this would not work.

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Re: Fund Raiser Letter LOL

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I guess I am in the minority. I always buy fundraising items for my grandchildrens schools, and or give to kids/people who are walking or running.


In fact my ex niece (from 1st marriage) will be running in NYC for cancer. Even though we are no longer related, she still addresses me as her aunt, and was kind enough to put my picture in her fund raising video and on her shirt as I am a cancer survivor, (along with others who survived or passed away from cancer).


Also my oldest granddaughter volunteered at school at the end of the year last year, to help the Special Olympics children, and she walked all night in the cancer marathon.


I gave and will give and buy products when asked. It doesn't bother me when anyone comes to me for any of these fundraisers, thons, etc.

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Shorty, I don't think anyone minds donating to specific causes. 

I believe this paper was in jest that many parents would rather donate money than ask neighbors, coworkers, relatives to buy overpriced stuff that they don't need, just to buy something. Then, those same parents get to collect the money, pay for those who didn't pay yet, pick up the stuff from the school, then deliver it. It's more work for the parents than the kids. I myself would just rather give them a direct donation with no middle man company in between. And they keep all the profts. 



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I always liked the fall gift wrap sales!  I bought it from a neighbors elementary school child while my kids were in preschool.  It was overpriced, but it was nice quality.  


then my  my kids had to sell it, and I bought even more!  Continued to buy from other kids until I heard they did away with the fundraiser and just asked parents to make donations instead.  


So so while I do understand that some parents and kids are happy this isn't popular anymore....I think there were some pluses in getting the kids involved in helping their schools. 


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That letter is hilarious, lol! Thanks for sharing!!

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I can so relate to this fundraising list! So funny. I have given thousands over the years and have given so much of my time up for so many events. I just give money now instead of attending events.

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When my daughter was in the 5th grade, they wanted them to sell some ridiculous amount of $1 candy bars for the 5th grade festivities that would take place since they would be leaving the school and moving on to middle school.  


I told the PTA president I would just write a check for what ever the amount was that they were expected to sell and they could keep the candy bars.


I wasn't letting her go door to door through the neighborhood, wasn't asking family members and wasn't sending them into work with my husband to sell or have them lifted from his desk when he wasn't around.  I would have been stuck with them anyway.


I know she thought I was kooky but it worked for us.


All the other fundraisers prior to 5th grade, I would make a small purchase and send the whole thing back.