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Yes, we froze our credit.  Everyone should.  We have all the credit cards well ever need so I forgot about the freeze until we applied for pre-approval for a mortgage.  I had to Google to find out how to do it.  I did it through Experian which we use to monitor our credit.  Took 10 seconds.

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@chrystaltree I also use Experian to monitor my credit after someone stole my SS# and sent in an income tax return in an attempt to get a refund.  Since I do not have to file every year it might have worked but luckily my state sent messaged me with an inquiry before they processed the return.  Long story short IRS and state now know what to look for.  Should I need to file they issued me a number to use to validate it is me.


Yes, I have my credit frozen with all 3 and if I have to unfreeze Experian will then notify the other 2.  They also monitor the Dark Web, my SS # and advise me of any child predatators living in my area.  Of course this all comes at a cost $20 a month but it is worth it for peace of mind.

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We have credit freezes at the 3 credit reporting agencies.  It was an easy process that we did on line.  We wanted to temporarily remove the freezes to allow credit checks.  We were able to do that on-line as well.  We told the business that wanted to do the credit check the starting and ending date of the freeze release.  It is an easy process that is well worth the time.  In some cases there is a charge to put the freeze on.  It depends on where you live and the reason for the freeze.

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I froze ours after our credit monitoring company notified us both that people were applying for unemployment using our social security numbers.


There is a mortgage banker on youtube that explains it if you want to know more.

Her name is Jennifer Beeston and the identity theft video is dated Dec. 2, 2021.  

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I immediately froze my data on all credit reporting agencies after Equifax breach.  None of them charged a fee. 


i did this before i knew for sure my ssn had been compromised.  later learned my personal info definately had been exposed.  


have not needed to unfreeze at this point.

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Had a real breach, MD Dept of Labor sent letter to hubby saying he applied for unemployment insurance.  Under advice we froze his accounts.  And you better believe we did it.  No idea what was involved but we froze.  And we can go back to the credit bureaus and unfreeze, no problem.  But we are going to wait it out.  Not buying a cart, not buying a house and not opening up any credit cards. 

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I have a freeze on my credit.  They give you a code so you can unfreeze it at any time.  It’s automated, so you give the code and the dates you want it open for credit checks.  When I would want to lift the freeze, I usually allowed 1-2 weeks for credit check.  It worked fine for me but it’s important to keep the code. 


The one area where I had problems was Social Security.  The credit freeze affected my ability to apply online so I had to go to the office in person.  That could be a potential nightmare these days. 


At this point in my life, I can’t see a reason to unfreeze it again so hopefully I no longer have to worry about it. 


On another note – my husband died last year and I let the credit bureaus know.  I had to send his death certificate.  Just a thought for those who have lost spouses.  Sometimes criminals use info from obituaries to steal identities. 

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Re: Freezing your credit?

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I froze mine.  When the bank needed it to process a loan, I unfroze it but since it was a local bank and we've done business with them for a long time, they decided not to wait a few days and gave me the loan anyway.  So I froze it again.  


Just make sure you keep the code as I'm not sure what happens if you lose it.  Probably a long, complicated situation if you don't have that.

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@cotton4me   sorry for the loss of your husband😥