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Re: For those of us in the deep freeze.....what's cooking tonight????

On 1/10/2015 northernlights said:

You're right, ShowMe.

They are very generous. They fill the cartons right to the rim. The food is just about falling out when you open them. They also give you lots of free fortune cookies with your order, too.

I think that you are right about this beef sauce. I think that it had teriyaki sauce in it. My DH loves it, and that is just what he said-that it is addicting. Smile

I love thin crust pizza like that. We have a good Italian place here that has good thin crust pizza and pasta, too. Nothing beats a good pizza!

You're lucky to have the pizzeria right near your home. I would probably order from them if they were near me, too. We used to have one down the street from us, but they closed up years ago.

I love their sweet n sour shrimp dinners too. There was a Chinese restaurant my xdh and I went to that served fried rice (really fried rice) with their sweet n sour shrimp. To die for. The place I order mine from makes delicious egg rolls too..... And, I love their pot stickers.....

There are 3 eating establishments around the corner from where I live. One is a family ran Italian restaurant......and Monday is 1/2 off any size pizza...... Oh my gosh, their shrimp pizza is out of this world....... And there is also a Chinese Buffet 2 buildings up from the Italian restaurant. But, I find the buffet to be expensive and I don't eat like that anymore..... So, it's a waste of my money to go there..... And, I don't really like handling all those serving utensils.......after so many folks......

There is also a Jersey Mike's across the street from these restaurants. And an Applebee's about 1/2 mile down/up the road. So, we are not lacking nice eating places around here. And find most of the prices are reasonable.