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Re: For fans of MamaWick deer posts

What a wonderful, incredible experience for you and your neighbors, and you have heart warming pictures that you can remember him by.


Thanks for sharing with us.

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Re: For fans of MamaWick deer posts

such awesome photos---love the antlers and red nose. 

a few years ago my cat struck up a realtionship with a few of the passing deer that go thru our yard---they touched noses and then when cat and I were outside that deer would come in close and watch the cat as she did her cat things. Now I have to explain that my cat is a house cat only--she wears a harness and is on a leash when we are outside. sometimes she gets a long leash to go onto the grass from my back deck. thats where the deer encounter happened. have lost too many pets letting them roam freely outside---there are bobcats, bears, and coyotes in my area.

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Re: For fans of MamaWick deer posts





OOOOOooooooohhhhhhh Look at 'im!


I'm in love - those photos are so sweet, whatta gorgeous lil guy.


I really appreciate the one where he's making you giggle by giving you a lil tickle on the neck!  PRESH! just presh!