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Florida's soon to be governor

I am still amazed this goof ball got elected BUT he did and here is his idea about what he wants to do about education -- give the money to the parents for their child's education and then the parents will decide weather to send the kids to public or private school.SO - what happens to the poor kids whose parents go out and spend their windfall on drugs?This is MY tax money and I am not for giving it away to irresponsible people.So how long til the public school systems would be broke? I am so glad they elected a governor who promises to cut taxes by 20% and create 700,000(yep - he said he will do it) jobs and is going to give all the money in the coffers for our schools away.

This a** also was being investigated for medicare fraud but pled guilty and paid billions in fines so he could run for office. He is also currently under federal investigation for medicare fraud again so he could possibly be yanked out of office and put in jail.