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Re: First time this ever happened on instacart

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@catwoman48 wrote:
I’m with you, @shoekitty. I am a senior, still working, mobility issues and stairs to my condo. InstaCart has been a lifesaver. I was unhappy when the shopper failed to deliver my LIMES (4 of them, guess they went somewhere else) today, but I have never had my groceries delivered to the wrong address, or received someone else’s.

I did have another grocery vendor make a delivery a couple of months ago and leave an extra bag that wasn’t mine. I felt so bad, but be warned that (presumably all) vendors don’t make a correction, a pickup or another delivery. I was told to keep the groceries. Unfortunately, it contained 90% items I would never eat. Four cans of black-eyes peas? Hate them almost as much as lima beans. I left the bag by the carport (I live in a big condo complex) with a sign explaining the bag had been erroneously delivered to me, the food was fresh and untouched, and to please take it. The bag was gone next time I looked.



The reason is due to HEALTH DEPARTMENT LAWS!!! which prevent Instacart from picking up wrong deliveries--its out of Instacart's hands......It happened to me once and I found a friend that took the groceries........


However, INSTACART WILL make a RE-DELIVERY on items that you didn't receive.... It happened to me instead of a 2 item Petco Order instead I got have 5 bags of someone else's groceries...I called Instacart they arranged for a re-delivery at no cost to me, and gave me a $10 credit.  And they explained the wrong order couldnt be picked up due to Health Department Laws, so I found someone that could use the groceries----they were not anything I would eat--vegan stuff! 

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