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@SurferWife  Thanks for telling us!  It's sad what's happening there. My son and I had a wonderful trip for his college graduation to all of the islands. I'd been before but not to the outer islands. Maui was so beautiful and we enjoyed the glass bottomed boat trip and banyan tree. So sad. Keep safe! 
          🥺 🏝️🌋 🏖️ 🌳 😢

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Praying for all of those affected by this terrible fire!

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@SurferWife wrote:

I heard from my co-worker!  Cell service is still splotchy so I couldn't hear everything she was saying, but she is OK!  Praise God!  She said it happend so fast.  I didn't get to talk long because of the phone service, but knowing she is okay is such a relief.  She may end up coming to O‘ahu.  I am so relieved, yet still heartbroken.

@SurferWife - Thank you for letting us know about your coworker! I know you're happy she's OK, yet sad for everything else going on there. I will keep all of you in my prayers. And the wheels are turning - I'm already planning how we can help. We will somehow! 

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@SurferWife : Thank God that you and family are safe. I haven't traveled much. The church that I grew up in and a dear church member was a travel agent.  In my single Sunday school class she encouraged us to dream and plan for special trips. So finally in 1980 , Four single girls from Georgia were going to O'ahu  for a week. I had never been in any airport and and no air travel. That was my dream vacation. So much fun, gracious and loving people. Sending love and prayers for Hawaii.🤗❤❤❤❤❤🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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This is just beyond my imagination and my heart hurts for all those involved. A close friend's brother lives on Lahaina and they have completely lost their home and all possessions but they safely escaped. The footage is just incomprehensible. As when Kilauea erupts, there are just not many options for escaping. Prayers for all involved.

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Visited Lahaina in 1978 when the banyan tree was 105 years old and had our picture taken under that amazing work of nature. So sad.....tree is now 150 years. It's possible for trees to recover from fires but depends on extent of damage. Lahaina was built around that tree and was such a quaint little historical village. Wish the residents God's blessing as they work to rebuild. 

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These horrible fires, horrible deaths, & horrible destruction in Maui are so, so tearing me up!  I can feel my heart crying, terribly.  and I feel so helpless.


These lovely island ppl, tourists, animals, flora, fauna are all like sitting ducks on this island, with it's own, inherent limited egress, complicated more with outrageous, powerful winds, all while being ravaged by deadly, hungry fire.  This soo unnerves me, esp since I cant do anything helpful, (exc Pray)


Yrs ago,  I visited, & left a large part of my heart in Hawaii.  I was so enthralled by my time on the Hawaiian Islands, (esp Maui & Oahu), I was  prepared to move to Maui there.


I made the conscience decision to never go back for a visit, & to go back, only if I'm to move & live there.

My extended visit there was soo incredibly perfect!  No subsequent visit could have topped it  So I was left with a perfect Hawaii in my panoply of life experiences.


So, @SurferWife   PLEASE, please take care of yrself (& yr loved ones).  We, I, cant lose you too!  *hugs*  Heart

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A family member was just there recently.  How awful.  I heard it reported that the winds were 70mph.  No wonder the fire spread so quickly.  

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FB'd a niece whose sister manages the Lahaina Walgreens. Her sister and staff barely escaped; she lives in Kihei and it took 2.5 hrs to make normally 30 minute drive. She said there was fire in her rearview mirror entire trip and it was terrifying. Btw, the store survived.

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Just read a FB post from my niece's sister on Maui. She said go to Mauicounty dot gov for list of what is needed.