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We've been to Maui many times starting 50 years ago; so many things gone that we loved so much. No more Banyon tree, Pioneer Hotel, Fleetwoods and it appears parts of Kihei burned as well.

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I loved Maui and Lahaina is beautiful.  My cousin and family are there on vacation staying at one of the big resorts.  She has posted there is no power and limited cell service.  I pray everyone - residents and visitors stay safe.  So sad, such a beautiful place.

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I can't find if the Harley Davidson shop burned down or not. Now the banyan tree is devastating. How many of us have pictures of it? 

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@SurferWife , 🙏🙏🙏.

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Most of Lahaina is gone, devasted beyond belief... The footage we are seeing is gut wrenching and horrific.
The high winds have gone down tonight but the raging fires have burnt almost EVERYTHING in Lahaina and the surrounding areas. Fires are mostly contained, but there are still many hotspots and various brushfires on Maui & the Big Island (Hawai'i island).


36 people have been reported dead and many still missing.

Governor Green, Lt. Gov Luke, and island mayors are all working together to help those affected by this tragedy. Red Cross, Animal shelters, State shelters, local businesses, & community members are assisting in any way that they can. Federal help & FEMA have been enacted.


Visitors are being transported to neighbor islands or back to their home states/countries. Displaced local families are sheltering with friends, family, and kind strangers offering them places to stay.


The community is coming together to provide aid to all that need it. Hawai'i people are strong, resilient, and full of Aloha; I know we will get through this.

I live on Oahu and have enjoyed beautiful Lahaina numerous times. I also have many friends that live on Maui, near Lahaina. Thankfully they are all fine. One of my best friends frequently travels to work on Maui. I checked on him early this morning & found out he WAS there and had just flown back home to Oahu.

I am so relieved that all my friends are safe, but many others are not and are truly suffering.


Our hearts are breaking for Maui, please keep them in your prayers. Mahalo for caring.

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Re: Fires on Maui

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The news yesterday was shocking....seeing the island burning to the ground and the rapid pace of the fires.  Sadly...this was be a major rebuild.  Hopefully relief will be provided.  Buildings can be's the people and the animals harmed that break my heart.

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Re: Fires on Maui

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@PinkMomi    @SurferWife  God bless you and the people who need help.  Having gone through a natural disaster myself it is an all consuming sadness and stress.  Good people always shine and step up to help others.  You are all stronger than you realize.

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These fires are so frighting, what a beautiful island.

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Had my honeymoon there in 2007. We stayed at the Hyatt. Prayers everyone is safe.

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So sad. That banyan tree was so iconic & beautiful. Loved Lahaina