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Fantastic photo. How sweet. I've never seen a Robin's nest before. They weave a sturdy looking nest. 

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Aw ....  until Momma brings back enough worms to fill their tummies, I bet they are going to noisy little chirpers. 



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@godi  Awwwww.... THANKS for sharing, & for such a great pic!!

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And remember that robins like to return to those nests...

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@godi Thanks for sharing nature at its best!

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What a special picture!  That little one is really ready for dinner!!!

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 Okay ...  slightly OT ....  a question for the knowledgeable bird people here ...  


Most bird eggs are white ... anyone know why robin eggs are light blue?  

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I love Robins, despite the fact that one wakes me up outside my window every morning at 5:21.

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Guess who is going to be fed first, LOL!