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Re: Feds are raiding the Subway guy's home

And almost nothing they're saying gives him the presumption of innocence.  We might as well be using the Bristish system because at this point the man has lost his job already.


If he's guilty, that's fine and appropriate.  What if he's not?  WEon't matter.  He's tainted for life!


I've seen this happen to a "real" person.  He was accused and then the woman dropped the accusation.  Too late - he was done for.  Those accusations just never really go away -  true or false.



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Re: Feds are raiding the Subway guy's home

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I hope hes not involved too. And I must say this. Its all over facebook but people arent reading the article about his business associate so they are jumping to the conclusion its him. If hes "not" guilty thats messed up. The title of the articles on facebook should be worded differently about the "other guy" until they know for sure what the whole truth is.

As many are doing here.  Why are we so willing to believe anything bad about anyone?  Tear down anyone?  Especially anyone who has been successful?  I don't get it.

Maybe because being "successful" has nothing to do with being moral or being an upstanding citizen...Bill Cosby, Current Exhibit One.

People came forward with their stories about Cosby.  Being "successful" has nothing to do with being a criminal or immoral.  And I guess "innocent until proven guilty" has been thrown out along with the Constitution.

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