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Fear of Feet Phobia – Podophobia


"To most people, the fear of feet phobia might sound weird or bizarre. However, Podophobia does exist and is quite a common specific phobia affecting many people across the globe.


People with Podophobia tend to get upset at the sight of feet. Different people experience Podophobia differently: some do not like it when others look at their feet or touch them.


Still others are anxious or afraid of their own feet. Many do not like to hear, read/talk about or even see their own feet. The phobia can be detrimental to the sufferer’s health and well being, as, often, s/he refuses to remove shoes or socks preferring to keep them on even while sleeping. This can lead to fungal infections, allergies and other medical conditions.


Causes or origin of fear of feet phobia:

Nobody knows for sure why the fear of feet occurs.... (see story)




As is the case with other phobias, Podophobia can also be persistent. The sufferer might experience many physical or psychological symptoms despite knowing that feet are not harmful or dangerous. Yet, s/he is absolutely powerless to overcome the symptoms:

• Shortness of breath or accelerated heartbeat and palpitations at the sight of or thought about feet

• Extreme fear or anxiety that leads to constant movie-like images about feet in the phobic’s mind

• Sweating, shaking or trembling

• Gastrointestinal distress, nausea

• Dizziness and fainting spells

• Constantly covering one’s feet or asking other people to cover theirs

• Refusing to discuss feet or even topics related to them, like shoes or socks


In some cases, the Podophobia can get so bad that the phobic associates death or dying with feet. This can naturally be counterproductive to progress and impact one’s day-to-day life severely. The phobic might withdraw from social interactions as his friendships and relationships may get affected by this phobia.


Overcoming and treating Podophobia:


In case of any phobia that is affecting one’s day-to-day life, it is essential to seek medical help.

• Most therapists recommend gradual desensitization to overcome the fear of feet. This involves slowly exposing oneself to pictures or images of feet. This can be then followed by touching feet or having other people touch theirs.

• People who fear their own feet are also encouraged to obtain regular pedicures. This can help them rationalize their fear about feet.

• Hypnotherapy can help get inside the sufferer’s mind and find out the roots of the phobia. This can help one become more comfortable around feet by facing their fear.

• Medication and meditation are also prescribed as part of the therapy, to help reduce anxiety resulting from Podophobia.

Other useful therapies that are known to cure Podophobia include cognitive behavior therapy, Neuro Lingustic Programming, psychotherapy and self help books etc."
















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Strange is all I can say.

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The only feet I fear are are the four currently inches in front of me belonging to whichever animal that refuses to accept the concept that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time.  Throw in coming to a dead stop when I'm in mid stride and it gets really scary.

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@Marp I can totally relate.  My boy used to trip me often or I would step o n him.


I have no problem with feet.  Mine are okay looking.  I maintain them to look their best.  I see others that should do the same and done, but I don't fear them.

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Fainting due to fears about feet.....I think I've heard it all now. 

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OK, but what was the purpose behind initiating this thread? 

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@DoneTryin wrote:

OK, but what was the purpose behind initiating this thread? 


One of several threads by a "newbie" as a way of introducing him/her self?

The more I learn the more I realize how little I know.
Are you setting an example or being an example?
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One of the medical shows had an episode this past season about a man who was convinced his left arm was not a part of his own body.  He was pretty psycho about it.  He wanted it amputated.  After a lot of drama about whether or not that was moral or legal, they amputated his arm and he became a normal, placid individual, happy as a clam.


Weird . . . I guess it's true that this happens.

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@Pliqueajour , the kitty and puppy pix are adorable !
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