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I am happy for everyone that had, or still has a good dad. 


Mine was just a sperm donor that left before I was old enough to remember him. He chose his booze over his 4 children and his wife. I was fortunate to never have remembered him.


Happy Fathers Day to all the good fathers out there in the world.


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I lost my Dad two years ago, I miss him every day.
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I lost my dad in 1999 and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him. In fact, it's more like several times a day.  He was also one in a million. One of the best people I've ever known. He was just so kind to everyone. I've tried to emulate him, but I know I can never come close to being the person he was.  


I miss you Dad, but I know you know that. Happy Fathers Day!  ❤️

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I certainly do understand the pensiveness I feel on days like mother's day and father's day.  Both my parents are gone and the holiday just reinforces how much I miss them so.  Dad gone since 1992 and I miss him terribly, still.  My children still have their father so that is a good thing for them.  I do miss my dad, but not just on Father's Day.  I could be in the middle of doing something and remember something silly he would say and I bust out laughing.  Doesn't matter where I am either.  His wisdom, his jokes, his love, are still present in my heart though.

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I lost my Dad 49 yrs ago (he was 52 yrs old). Being an only child my father became my "friend" on rainy days or when the weather prohibited my going to a friend's house. He would sit with me, play board games and participate in any other activity my imagine came up with. He taught me to be strong and kind but to never be taken advantage of.  I am my father's daughter. I MISS HIM.

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This is my first Father's Day without my dad...he died June 25, 2021. He was in a nursing home on Father's Day last year, still quarantined because of COVID, so we didn't get to spend time with him. 


We didn't always get along well--personalities too much alike--but I knew he loved me, and we did get somewhat closer after I married and moved out.


It felt strange not to see him today!

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@meallen616 wrote:

For all those who celebrate,

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Happy Father's Day In Heaven

@meallen616  This is beautiful.  Thank you for sharing.  Happy Father's Day to all fathers celebrating today!

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Thank you, @Jordan2 ,  for recognizing fathers.


Will never forget mine, a kind, outgoing, faith-driven individual with a twinkle in his eye for one and all.


Good fathers make a huge difference to their own children, and to society at large.  Am grateful for those out there who make this a better place.


Happy Father's Day.



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Jordan2, I miss my dear father so very much, too.  He was one of kind, the sort about whom people said, "When he was born, they broke the mold."  His nature was pacific, altruistic and loving. 


My sons and I just returned from visiting the graves of my father, their father (my beloved late husband), my mother and my brother.  They are all buried in a nearby state.  The day is a bit windy today but achingly beautiful.  Somehow, the lovely day made the pain of loss both greater and lesser.


May their memory be eternal!

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Re: Father’s Day

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