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Are you talking about those icky ""purity"" dances where the father pledges to ""guard"" his daughter's virginity? EEEEEEEEEEEEEK! And why don't they have mother-son dances where the mother pledges to do the same to her son????

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Purity dances??? Umm, no.

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Nothing creepy about mother/son or father/daughter dances, except it isn't very inclusive in these times. I do feel sorry for those who don't have a parent to participate. It is very lonely to be excluded from these things when you are a child. And a 'substitute' parent isn't really the same, but awfully nice of those who step up and do it.

I thought these things were long gone, decades ago, and I'm surprised there are very many today.

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I don't see the need to have a 'date' with a parent. Dates should be between romantic partners.

As for outings with a parent, sporting events, shopping, movies, parks, plays, those are just fun events that any gender should be a part of, whether you are with mom or dad. Family events and outings are very important.

I saw a post from someone I know this morning and it gave me a bad feeling. The father was with his high school aged daughter at their dance. The moms at that same school don't get a dance with their son.

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On 3/17/2015 petepetey said:

I think they are creepy.

Why don't they have mother son dances? I've never heard of that.

To me, they are what create that urge for young women to date older men.


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The words father and daughter are creepy? I must be missing something here.
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Nice but very exclusionary for kids without dads.

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Well, I guess all those dances I went to with my dad and all the dances my daughter went to with her dad were to teach us to date older men? Another lesson we never learned. LOL My DH's were younger than me and hers the same age. As a matter of fact, all her girl friends didn't date older men either and their dads were always at dances with them. I happen to think they are very sweet.

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I can't believe these dances still exist!

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Strange. We are having one here.