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In the dark days of early 1950's conservative Texas, there lived a family with their pet lion...Her name was Blondie


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Re: Family's pet lion Blondie

Loved the pics of the gentle lion.


That said, I have a strong aversion to those who seem not to acknowledge that wild animals are not predictable.


I'm sure that he was devastated about the leopard's attack on his grandchild. That's the reason I think it very unwise to create such an environment in which others could be maimed or killed.

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Re: Family's pet lion Blondie

Blondie was special, the family was fortunate to keep her safely for the rest of her life.


There's a different story happening now in Washington.  Google "Pet raccoon 'Mae' ordered to stay at wildlife rehab despite family's plea".  Very sad.  This raccoon only knows the family that has raised her from before her eyes were open.  The video of Mae with her family is so sweet.  I know raccoons can be mean but Mae is another special animal.  There is no winner in the judge's decision.