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Re: Falling in love with Wisconsin...

On 7/7/2014 Lucky Charm said:

We are headed to Chicago at the end of this month. Supposed to eat at restaurant that spins and has a view of the city. Also we'll be able to see fireworks on the Navy Pier from there. Seems we've always missed that every time we are in Chicago.

We were in Chicago for Mother's day and went to a building that you tilted out and looked down below. Kinda scary.

I want to venture into Wisconsin as I'm not so much a city girl. Chicago is nice, don't get me wrong. Don't want to have to travel for hours though. So all these places are about 3 hours by car? I've heard of Door County, what is the attraction in the summer?

I've only been to Lake Erie once and it was freezing in the summer. Would Lake Michigan be warm enough?

Chicago to Door County is much more than 3 hours. I think it's about 250 miles or so.

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Re: Falling in love with Wisconsin...

On 7/7/2014 kaybee said:

Glad you enjoyed Wisconsin. You obviously weren't here December through April when we had record breaking cold spells and the ground was so frozen that many municipalities had massive sewer issues.

I came here from California 15 years ago. I enjoyed it for the first ten years before the winters started getting to me and this last year was the final straw. We didn't have a flushing toilet from Jan thru April 24th because the ground froze so deep and after literally flushing $500 down it in Roto Rooter fees we gave up and waited for spring using camp toilets.

My husband retires from his job of 42 years next August so we have 1 more winter to go. I pray to God it's milder than last year.

There is still snow on a local hill they call Rib Mountain which is a ski resort. The local news channels have a contest every year to guess when the last of the snow will melt and they are guestimating it will finally be gone tomorrow.

I took my boys to one of the outdoor aquatic parks about a week ago and the water still wasn't warm enough for me to get in. The kids had fun but our temps haven't been high enough to warm the bodies of water up here.

I am from Chicago.. It was a tough winter here too...

I just LOVE the scenery and nature there...

Lucky Charm,have a GREAT trip... Come visit...LOL

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Re: Falling in love with Wisconsin...

It's beautiful here in the fall.