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I'll be the first to admit I was whining about the cold weather, I couldn't wait to be done with Winter. I live in NYC and it has been HOT for several days! I like Fall and think Summer has worn out her welcome! You know what's going to happen, we'll go from Indian Summer straight to Winter! Come on Fall!

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We already had some fall like weather then went back to really hot last week. We had temps in the 90's with the humidity 108° last week. It's only 73° right now with rain. Suppose to rain thru Weds.

I have on capri's & sandals today & will have to put on pants & socks tomorrow. LOL!!!

After the rain moves out hopefully we will have some nice weather before it gets cold. The weather man said if La Nina sets up we will have another mild winter.


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The only sign I see is some smattering of leaves turning.  Other than that, it's 91 degrees here today.  (Thud)

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Oh I agree I am in suburban NYC and the weather on Rosh Hashonah was more like July4

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I totally agree ...I am in Upstate New York waiting for it to cool off ...


I want fall here taday and going to be in the high 80's all week ....

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Here in New Jersey it is HOT & HUMID.



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The weather has been hot in New Jersey for several days. I hope by the end of the week to see fall temps!

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In Southern Maryland, it has been in the high 80s most of September.  My AC was off for a few days with windows open.


Now, it's running like it was summer time.


I'm done with summer, the insects and feeling sweaty when I am outside.


It's enough already!

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Re: Fall, Where Are You

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 Chicago is unbearably hot and dry.   Current temp is 98.   The air has been running non-stop.   Temps are supposed to drop by Wednesday.   We could use some rain - everything is brown and dry 

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I'm in NYC also.  Yesterday we broke the record with the temp of 91.  Had the a/c on all day and night and it is on right now.  I don't like the summer and can't wait for it to feel like fall!