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So I got an email today supposedly from Facebook stating they got a request to reset my password with a code to use. This has to be a scam, where would the request come from, not from me. I am so tired of these various scammers trying to trick you into giving away your information. 

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I understand.


Sometimes it's also difficult to tell what's legitimate from what's a scam, too.


The other day my husband got a legitimate email from Paypal, along with one that was a Paypal scam email.

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Amen!🥰 It has gotten to the point that I do NOT like checking email or looking at "business" texts that appear legitimate until you take the TIME to read them and notice the obvious fraud.😐 I had a text that appeared to be from Apple today, but I called to be certain and it was a scam!😡 It pays to be diligent, but it can be quite FRUSTRATING!👍.


~~~All we need is LOVE💖

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Check the address the e-mail comes from.  You can tell.  And always type in the address you want to go to rather than hit reply. 

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Always err on the side of caution.  DON'T DO IT.

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Scam personified.


When we get emails like these, we need to ignore and delete. Just see the headline and do not open them. They are scams. 


Another big one going around for months now is one from amazon to prime members to update their credit card number and/or expiration date.  This one is pretty huge due to many things. I've been getting this one for a couple of months now, more than once a day too.


A friend of mine has received this one too and actually opened it and responded. 


BAM - just like that a gullable person who's identification now stolen. TRUE STORY, yes she did. Now she's attempting to backtrack to recover her prime account, her bank account, her identity. 


I told her I get these same emails and followed up that it's a total scam. 


DO NOT open emails like these folks. These orgs WILL NEVER email you to do anything no more than the IRS, Medicare, Medicaid, SSN, nor amazon prime. AND these orgs will flat out tell you this too.


Don't open these emails.

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I'd never click on an email from facebook. If something needs to be done, I go directly to facebook. Too many scams.

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@Toppers3   I'm wondering which one of these emails he 'knew' was real and which one was not.

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It could be kids too!  It's good to change all of your passwords every so often.

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I got an email that my Prime account was ended and I needed to give them my credit card to renew it on 5/18.


My REAL account expires on 5/23 and is auto renewal on my Amazon card!  


So near and yet so far!