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Re: FROM CNBC Simon Malls To Reopen



Amazing that so many Americans cannot stay put for a month and a half and need to go out and potentially spread more germs!


People need to learn how to amuse themselves and be content and not think going out and about will solve all their mental issues.


This experience should be a message about planning for downtimes and making sure that a person has three months- six months  of emergency savings as recommended by all financial experts.


We have also seen how many in-person jobs can be tranferred to online and over-the-phone.


I will not be shopping at any malls, open or not, until I see that the virus is way down and a potential vaccine is almost ready.

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Re: FROM CNBC Simon Malls To Reopen

Honestly I don't think it is about people needing to amuse themselves by going shopping, it is more to get people back at work.  People are hurting by being unemployed.

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Re: FROM CNBC Simon Malls To Reopen

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It is detrimental to people's financial (number 1) as well as mental and emotional well-being to get back to work!   However, I fear malls are going to suffer even more by implementing this.  I have a relative who is in upper management in retail and so I heard about these plans several weeks ago.  When he told me this I was like, nooooo.  I won't return to a mall unless its the way it used to be and will continue online shopping.  I'm tired of the signage, everyone walking around like wanna-be surgeons or bandanas like i'm about to be held up in the store.  Enough! 


And in such tragic times, but watch us dance on tik tok.  No professional (medical or otherwise) would dance around instead of takig care of patients.  .

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Re: FROM CNBC Simon Malls To Reopen

Opening up the malls doesn't mean all the stores will be ready to open; some won't survive and will close permanently. A lot of retirement funds are depending on Simon Property Management stock to suceed. Huge State retirement funds as well as teacher retirement funds and so many others. If Mr Simon fails a lot of people will suffer.  Hard to believe with online shopping that he's survived this long.    

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Re: FROM CNBC Simon Malls To Reopen

I haven't been to a mall in ages.  The only reason I would go is to get stuff at the Apple Store.  Otherwise, no interest whatsoever.