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Re: FREE SHIPPING .....word on the streets.... october

reminder to check prices today of the items you are planning on buying over the weekend with free shipping!

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Re: FREE SHIPPING .....word on the streets.... october

Free shipping going on but I have decided to branch out and cut way down on QVC shopping.  

My daughter uses Amazon Prime so I decided to check it out. I have ordered several Xmas gifts and already received and free shipping because I am using her account and she lives next door so easy grab my packages without kids seeing.


I ran out to the stores yesterday and my day off and found some good bargains too.  

I have a Lands End charge and free shipping on everything and picked up some items recently at good prices and lot less than the Q offers.

I am done paying what I consider high prices.  I should have done more of this long ago.  What inspired me is what I have read on these forums.  Some smart shoppers here.  Why pay for all that shipping when plenty of other options.

Leah's question today are you an early shopper or last minute.  I shop early without a few last minute items.  I like to spend more of my time decorating and baking cookies and watching movies and stuff like that.  I work full time so like to make the most of my free time.