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Amazon Prime costs a lot less than what I pay the Q in shipping and handling...

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Buying out businesses, and take overs isn't new. called survival of the fittest. 

Then couple that with importing more than we export we only need look at the garment district in NYC sadly long gone. Detroit another casualty. 


Business eventually closed. They couldn't compete with the strip malls than larger malls came. Now, Its the malls closing. Flow of constant change.


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It's just a cycle ...


Years ago, Mom & Pop on Main Street were victim to the shopping malls.


Now - shopping malls are victim to the internet, but now I'm seeing small specialty shops are opening here ... sort of back to the Mom &  Pop stores of years ago.  No empty storefronts around here!  


I'm a big fan of Amazon -  I placed my first order in 1996! 


They sell the kind of stuff I buy - at prices that I like - and ship them to me.  

I can download books in seconds after I purchase them.  I can subscribe to products I use regularly.  


No complaints from me.  



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My safety comes first then my wallet is second. If I can buy something from Amazon, have it delivered to me at my house then I may live to see another day by not risking being killed on the road, robbed or shot at in the parking lot looking for things I need to buy to stay alive.

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OP, you need to find better things to do with your time than preach to adults. I don't know what the point of your post is.

@TTerri Wow. Unnecessarily rude response. Why not just skip over it if you have nothing to add. 

I ask you the same question.

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I used to live in an extremely remote, small town in the upper Midwest. I moved there from New York City when I married a farmer. I was used to being able to shop for anything and everything and ended up living in the middle of nowhere. Amazon saved my sanity. I'm sure there are others who don't live near towns with retail stores who appreciate Amazon.


Now I live outside a small city. But I have a disability now. There are SO many things I would not be able to get out and shop for that I can get from Amazon. Most of the things I order are household goods and gourmet cooking supplies.


Things change. There used to be a shop for getting film developed in every town. Now, they are mostly gone because everything is digital. I don't even know if Eastman Kodak exists anymore. All of the GM jobs being cut are due (in part) to sedans being discontinued because everyone drives SUV's and hatchbacks now. When I was much younger, nobody even knew what an SUV was or that they were coming. When Garmins came out my husband and I were amongst the first to buy one and now everyone has GPS on their phones.  The list goes on and on. My stepdaughter works for a company called Lifeway. They make Kefir. She told us last week that with so many people ordering groceries online now, their sales have plummetted. Kefir is one of those products that people don't add to the bread, milk and toilet paper list, and they tend to put it into the cart on sight.


No matter what we do, things are evolving and will continue to change. I'll continue to shop online and save time, money, and keep myself safe and sound without pushing my disability to a bad place.

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I would suggest reading a separate thread on this forum  regarding hacking of Amazon accounts, and their lack of security ....Afterall stuffing their Ceo's pockets with cash, or moving into the banking and health care industry is much more important I guess than making technology changes to keep customer info safe and secure....


@PUPPY LIPS  Speaking of secure, Amazon delivery people take a photo to confirm your Amazon package was delivered, but the problem is there are now cases of Amazon delivery people stealing these packages....


And while Facebook and Twitter are hauled before congress over privacy concerns...Amazon does pretty much the same thing with your information, but surprsingly everyone looks the other way when it comes to the "Mighty A"...............


Amazon thinks customer's are idiots because they automatically assume Amazon always has the lowest price, but dear friends, that isn't always the case, while they may lower a price temporarly to beat a competitor, they raise the price on thousands of other items to make up for it---COMPARISON SHOP FOLKS!.  


Then there's the treatment of their employees---

Amazon may well be the most evil company in technology and Jeff Bezos should be ashamed

Amazon may well be the most evil company in technology and Jeff Bezos should be ashamed

You are dying of cancer. You have just lost your unborn child. You have to care for your dying father. You are worthless. You are unproductive. Your colleagues hate you. They have reported you. You deserve to be fired.

Welcome to the Amazon way.

We have known for years that Amazon is a brutally Darwinian workplace. Anyone who has read ‘The Everything Store’ knows that. But in a newly-published New York Times (NYT) article, the almost unvarnished reality of its working conditions is sketched out in punishing detail.
Matt Brian

Re: The NYTimes piece on Amazon's workplace issues: isn't that American employment in general? I'm astounded by how US co's treat staff.



All of those examples I used in the first paragraph are real. They are all things that have happened to Amazon employees. Here are some relevant paragraphs from the NYT piece:

 [A member of the Kindle team] began traveling to care for her father, who was suffering from cancer, and cut back working on nights and weekends, her status changed. She was blocked from transferring to a less pressure-filled job, she said, and her boss told her she was “a problem.” As her father was dying, she took unpaid leave to care for him and never returned to Amazon.


A woman who had thyroid cancer was given a low performance rating after she returned from treatment. She says her manager explained that while she was out, her peers were accomplishing a great deal.


Another employee who miscarried twins left for a business trip the day after she had surgery. “I’m sorry, the work is still going to need to get done,” she said her boss told her. “From where you are in life, trying to start a family, I don’t know if this is the right place for you.”


…a woman who had breast cancer was told that she was put on a “performance improvement plan” — Amazon code for “you’re in danger of being fired”


……a former human resources executive said she was required to put a woman who had recently returned after undergoing serious surgery, and another who had just had a stillborn child, on performance improvement plans, accounts that were corroborated by a co-worker still at Amazon. “What kind of company do we want to be?” the executive recalled asking her bosses.


Later in the piece, the NYT ponders the question of why Amazon has no female managers in its most senior leadership team. Is it that hard to see why? It appears quite clear that having a child or providing care to a family member is not and will not be valued.

On the basis of the management philosophy outlined in this article and many – though less brutal – examinations of Jeff Bezos’ vision for the company he founded, I don’t believe we should look at Amazon as a corporation at all. It is a cult that sells things. You either give up your life to it or are crushed by it.




Had L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, been starting out his manipulation project now, he would have invented Amazon. It has more casually and effectively embedded itself into our lives than any traditional cult ever could.



I’m not going to fillet the entire NYT piece. It is a powerful piece of journalism by Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld, you should read the whole thing.


The reporting has finally pushed me to the conclusion that I *cannot* in good conscience continue to support Amazon. I know my individual spending will make no discernible difference to the company’s bottom line, it’s a stone flung into an ocean, but I can’t support a company I now consider actively evil.– Amazon is a company that sells things, be it cloud services or groceries, IT applications or physical books. It is changing the world but not in ways that even remotely justify the institutionalized cruelty.



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@SeaMaiden wrote:

There are always pros and cons with a huge company like Amazon. As long as customers buy. And they continue to evolve.....Amazon will continue to do well.....when the "ride" is over, they will ride off into  the sunset like Sears, JCPenney  and KMart, and all the other companies who were game changers  and revamped  the shopping experience in the beginning until they were no longer relevant. 




Other companies were forced to break up because of their monopolistic ways.....and you hear this same term being bandied about in connection with Amazon... their day will come...............

Animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, grateful. Difficult standards for people to live up to.”
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I occasionally use Amazon (in fact I placed an order earlier today) but I live where I can find most items if I drive around and look for them.  It is true they are often not the most inexpensive.  I am not a Prime member and I have never paid for shipping.  I have neighbors and friends that use them constantly.   

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Any company that does not have a sales toll free phone number, accepts checks and/or money orders does not deserve my hard earned $$$$.  I am not an "online" shopper who uses a credit or debit card.


I guess I'm confused.  Doesn't QVC accept checks and/or money orders?  Do you buy from them?


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