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@YANGYA , people would like to know what the escalation team said when they called back? 

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@SusieQ_2 wrote:

My question is, what kind of sane and decent person would run up to a driver, bang on the truck's door, and start yelling rather than engaging in a normal conversation? 


I heard someone make a comment in a video yesterday saying that he can accept criticism when the person offers it in a voice he can hear (as in being reasonable), but when someone comes at him yelling and screaming he will likely tell them to *blank* off. I think most people are like that.


What's so hard about approaching people in a kind and civil way? If it was something serious like physically abusing a person or an animal then the instant rage and confrontation is understandable. Littering, as annoying as it is, doesn't come close to warranting such combative behavior.  


That story is sad commentary on how someone thinks it's okay to treat another person this way much less come to a message board to brag about it. Smiley Sad

The answer is no sane, decent person would do this. 
@LipstickDiva my money is on she never called them and/or this story is a bunch of bs. 

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@GenXmuse  But why would someone make up such a story?

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@KKJ wrote:

@GenXmuse  But why would someone make up such a story?

Why wouldn't they?

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If you read my post instead of just trying to quickly post yourself, you'd see that I DID call the company and filed a compaint.  I will NOT tolerate this.  How would anyone else like it if I sat in my car eating and drinking and throwing all the trash out my car window in front of your place?  I did the right thing and I'll ALWAYS stick up for myself.  I do NOT fear anyone.


You should. That's a good way to get yourself killed.

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@GoneButNotForgotten  You said that right! Wouldn't try that in our county.


In our county would be 911 called not the company.