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@fthunt wrote:

OP...........I give you 10 ********** stars.  Disregard the negative slaps...they jump on anything said (here).

Who are you to say comments that you find negative should be disregarded???  She sounds like a busy body.  

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@fthunt wrote:

OP...........I give you 10 ********** stars.  Disregard the negative slaps...they jump on anything said (here).

@fthunt  So you've never had a differing opinion and posted it on a thread? You agree with everything posted? 

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@YANGYA wrote:

Outside our house, across the street sat a FedEx truck for around half an hour.  I'm waiting for an order so I just stood by the front door.  It looked like they guy was eating and drinking.  Sure enough, he opens the truck window and threw all his empty food trash all over the road. 


I immediately ran up to the truck and banged on it and said PICK IT UP!  He said he would but he never budged.  I said well, do it!  He just looked at me.  I bent down, picked it all up and handed it to him.  I said get out of here or I'll call the police. 


Nice way to spread covid.  I called the company and told them what happend, what time and where.  They said they would send it to the escalation team and that they would call me.  They said it was unacceptable.  I said I KNOW IT IS!!!  Now I know who's throwing trash on our street from time to time and I thought it was the neighbors.  No wonder why this disease is spreading like wild fire.  I see masks all over the streets too.  I guess not too many are afraid of dying a slow, agonizing death on a respirator.

Makes me wonder what else he would be capable of. I think its disgusting that he would feel comfortable littering like that. Good for you for calling the company, I think if I were you, I'd call them tomorrow and ask what actions were taken.

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How rude!  I have been having a problem with my deliveries from CHEWY.  CHEWY's contract with Fed Ex states that the drivers are supposed to bring deliveries to my apartment door.  They leave the packages in the foyer of my apartment building, never ring the bell to let me know the package is here and I don't get a notification until almost an hour later.  My last order was dumped outside my building in the walkway.  If it wasn't for my mailman, the package would have sat in the pouring rain until somebody came by to bring it inside.  I called CHEWY to let them know what happened and they sent a report to FED EX.  This is not only poor customer service, but is contributing to package theft.  I always have the same FED EX employee delivering packages and he has had this route for three years.  FED EX management does nothing to correct the problem.

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Oh my God in Heaven I would never do that!


You don't know this person, and for all you know he might have a gun in the truck with him, or he could jump out and beat the tar out of you. I think yours was a very stupid reaction.

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Were you wearing a mask when you ran up to him? Did he? Did you wear gloves when you picked up his COVID trash? 

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@YANGYA  I'd be very careful about confronting people.   There are many nut cases out there who would just as soon seriously hurt you as look at you.  Get license plate and truck number, call the company and let t h em deal with him.  Tell them to come pick up the trash or send him back.

If you read my post instead of just trying to quickly post yourself, you'd see that I DID call the company and filed a compaint.  I will NOT tolerate this.  How would anyone else like it if I sat in my car eating and drinking and throwing all the trash out my car window in front of your place?  I did the right thing and I'll ALWAYS stick up for myself.  I do NOT fear anyone.

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@YANGYA: Oh my!  I hope you were wearing gloves when you picked up that garbage! Smiley Surprised

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While I wouldn't be afraid of Covid being spread this way, the fact that he is littering on your street is disgusting and unacceptable.


However I can't imagine confronting the driver like you did...that could be dangerous I don't mean by contracting the virus.

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What the driver did was terrible and I admire the OP for having the nerve to confront him about it.  I would be too afraid to do that but to @YANGYA ----Bravo girl for standing up for what's right!