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Outside our house, across the street sat a FedEx truck for around half an hour.  I'm waiting for an order so I just stood by the front door.  It looked like they guy was eating and drinking.  Sure enough, he opens the truck window and threw all his empty food trash all over the road. 


I immediately ran up to the truck and banged on it and said PICK IT UP!  He said he would but he never budged.  I said well, do it!  He just looked at me.  I bent down, picked it all up and handed it to him.  I said get out of here or I'll call the police. 


Nice way to spread covid.  I called the company and told them what happend, what time and where.  They said they would send it to the escalation team and that they would call me.  They said it was unacceptable.  I said I KNOW IT IS!!!  Now I know who's throwing trash on our street from time to time and I thought it was the neighbors.  No wonder why this disease is spreading like wild fire.  I see masks all over the streets too.  I guess not too many are afraid of dying a slow, agonizing death on a respirator.

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If you were so concerned about "spreading covid" then why would you take a chance by picking it up?????  Talk about exgaggeration.  

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Good for you.  


I wonder if he is a temporary hire for the Christmas season.  

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He littered, he's not spreading covid...good grief. 

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Good.  Not so sure about the covid part, but I'm glad you held him accountable for throwing trash on the street. 


I hate when people throw trash and I find it so disrespectul.

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OP...........I give you 10 ********** stars.  Disregard the negative slaps...they jump on anything said (here).

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@77yangya Love your moxie! I do hope that no one ever retaliates against you (like hurt you) in response to that moxie. There are some crazy people out there....You gotta use good judgment on which battles to fight with people yoh don't know.

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This is something I would never do. Although that is just me. Whatever anyone else chooses to do is their business. People can be and are nuts these days and I will not be getting involved. However I would call Fed Ex as the op did. Let them handle it. I wouldn't risk getting hurt over some litter.

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@77yangya  I'd be very careful about confronting people.   There are many nut cases out there who would just as soon seriously hurt you as look at you.  Get license plate and truck number, call the company and let t h em deal with him.  Tell them to come pick up the trash or send him back.

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