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I do miss Bob Bowersox.

I love my pups!
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Alberti, then Rick.  Can't watch David or Dan.

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Rick and Alberti

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All but Alberti.  Too phony.

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Have loved Dan Hughes and Rick Domier for years--they are both naturally humorous and professional, inspite of Rick's hyper personality!  Cannot stand happy-dance David and childish, giggly Alberti!

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I loved Alberti when he first arrived. Alas and alack, he's been spoiled. 

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Rick and David; don't watch the other two

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I love David but he is lite on product details and heavy on asking for updates and going over colors.

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My favorite is David. I’m not a big fan of the others. Two of them are way over the top (one is very hyper now but didn’t used to be) so they seem very fake to me.
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None.  They all act fake.