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I have always liked the Dan's, albeit only one is still working at the Q. I agree with the others that we need more men!

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Definitely Alberti!


Always smiling, laughing, enjoying his job.


Fun to watch!

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There isn't a single one of them I'd trust to be truthful or that I'd sit and watch. 

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Guy on HSN is much preferred over any of the four men on QVC.  But if I had to pick one at QVC, it would be Rick.

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Long gone but all time fave, Mike Rowe!!

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David is the ONLY one I like.  

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Alberti is the only I've watched when he does fashion. 


I don't watch any of the other stuff the guys sell.  Not a fan.

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They are all just salesmen to me, not friends.  Of the choices I would say Dan because I like his presentation style best.  I watch him rarely in the morning anymore because of his new partner.