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Re: Ever Been Mad Enough To Throw Something?

Does throwing a mean right hook count? My cheating, drinking & verbally abusive spouse told me he "didn't owe me an explanation" after catching him in yet another affair. This time the other woman  called me on the phone to brag about it. When I confronted him he was his usual narcissistic, beligerent, condesending self all the while verbally abusing me---well I just went crazy and punched him in the face. This was the final straw. I put his clothes in a plastic bag & threw them into the driveway and then I threw him out! A few days later he called and told me he couldn't hear out of his left ear for three days. While I am not proud of having done this ( I haven't hit anyone since I was 10) I was glad that I finally stood up to the narcissistic sociopath. I am now happily divorced and don't have to be abused anymore. I think all the years he verbally abused me took its toll which is why I did what I did. I'm not making excuses for what I did but I do think I was at my breaking point.  

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Re: Ever Been Mad Enough To Throw Something?



Anger is a normal emotion but how it's expressed is a whole different issue.


Breaking items, throwing things, hitting other people-not cool.

""Out beyond the ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there." -Rumi
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Re: Ever Been Mad Enough To Throw Something?

Yes, I can totally sympathize with your situation. However, I have a golden rule that I NEVER break... no matter what - Never Harm Yourself When Angry. No matter how frustrated I am I have never punched into a wall, skipped meals and when it comes to breaking stuff? I never break stuff I can use and have paid for - no throwing phones. Instead, I gather beer bottles over time that get left over thanks to dear boyfriend and when I'm angry I break them - one at a time. This way I don't regret the damage.