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Re: Ethel Kennedy's granddaugher

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            Thank you, @jazzed@NAES, and @PamfromCT.❤️   And thank you, everyone, for the hearts.   It's really, really hard for me to write about this topic...  I'm grateful for the permission to share and for the extraordinary kindnesses extended by so many of you to all of us here, even while you all are coping with your own, often unspoken, struggles.   I hope we always can be here for each other.❤️



How extraordinary to feel my heart open on a shopping channel comment board! 

We are just as you said, dooBdoo, all connected.

The world would not be the same without you.

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Re: Ethel Kennedy's granddaugher

I’ve heard of people accidentally overdosing by waking up, but being very groggy, not realizing what meds they’re taking (or that they’ve already taken their bedtime dose) and mistakenly taking more.   Condolences to this young lady’s family, may they find peace.