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Re: Escaped Murderer has moved beyond police perimeter!

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If that's true, she must've been crazy.  What did she think he would do to her, if she "threatened" to tell the police about him?  He'd already murdered one man over a dispute about a repair bill.  (And who knows what else he's done?)


Did she not think about the danger she and her children were in?  You don't "threaten" a vicious man like that without consequences.

Yes, his mother agrees that it's her fault he killed her.  She should never have threatened to go to the police.  Of course, it's also the fault of the man he killed in Brazil as well.  He's just another poor victim and anyone who challenges him absolutely derserves what they get apparently.


@Isobel Archer - I've just gotten back to the forums in the past few days.


You missed my point entirely.  I am not for an instant blaming either victim; that is ridiculous.  (His mother is an enabler, if she did indeed say that.)


However, she should not have threatened him about going to the police.  She should have gotten herself and her child to a safe place and then told the police, so that they could've arrested him.


Would you seriously throw a statement like that at a man you know to have already murdered someone?  What would you hope to accomplish by it?


You get yourself as far away from the situation as possible, notify the authorities, and then let the law deal with him.  Yes, she is the victim, but she might still be alive had she done that.

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Re: Escaped Murderer has moved beyond police perimeter!

I agree! Will read further but who would trust a murderer and say that to his face?

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