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Re: England Announces New Lockdown.

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I find the term "expert" over used. Eveyone seems to be an expert, so many that it doesn't pay to listen to most of them anymore. Just take precautions, stay safe and don't fall for everything "experts" say.  I'm thinking half of them don't even have the necessary credentials. 

BTW, everyone has their own opinion on lockdowns. We can argue forever, but no one will change their minds anytime soon. Mostly we just need to agree to disagree and leave it at that. 

The experts are the ones who said to take precautions...

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Re: England Announces New Lockdown.

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For those that do not believe any experts, who do you believe, i asked this a little while ago ,still want a answer.

No one.  I have learned that in this life, there are not too many people who will admit that they don't know something, even if they don't.


They will lie to make themself look intelligent or make up something.

@Carmie, you truly don't trust anyone to give you facts or truth or whatever you want to call it?

No, Like you, I  want the facts to be backed up with proof or at least the thought process on how somone arrived at their decision. You have asked me many times to post where I got information, so I assume you are somewhat like minded.


 Just because someone holds a certain position doesn't mean they know everything, or that they are telling the truth.


I want to read all information available on a subject even conflicting info and make up my own mind.  I have never been a follower and believe that I am responsible for my own actions and beliefs.

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Re: England Announces New Lockdown.

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@goldensrbest by experts, are you referring to Dr. Fauci?

@KKJ, you do know that there scores of experts in the field of public health; right?

@suzyQ3   I'm sure @KKJ  does and her question is to @goldensrbest .


I think we all know there are many expersts in the field of public health so your question to her is kind of condescending.


A question was asked by one poster to another; let them discuss first.

It's only polite.

You might want refresh your knowlege about message boards before telling others how and when to post, @Cakers3


IMO, that post was baiting.

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