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Re: Email Offers From Kohl's

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              @lmt,  Have you made any changes at all to your email account, including settings or filters?   Did you try adding the Kohl’s sender address to your email contacts?

               Are you missing mail from any other senders?

               Another consideration is that occasionally there’s a problem with the email provider blocking certain sender domains, and ithe messages might not even appear in a “spam” folder.   If you have another email address, especially if it’s with a different provider, you might try going into your Kohl’s account and changing your email address on file to the other one to see if messages start showing up there.





@dooBdoo  I haven't made any changes to my email account. I've been receiving PLENTY of other email offers - Sephora, Ulta, etc. I checked my contact list and Kohl's is in there. I'm going to try using a different email address and see what happens.



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Re: Email Offers From Kohl's

Hope they are okay financially.