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Re: Ellen today

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I watched it. Planned or not, she was right (and so was he). He apologized 10 years ago for his comments and changed. He was young then. People make mistakes. He was still undecided if he will host or not even though Ellen called the people at the Oscars for him. I hope he accepts.


And the main thing is, Ellen was right about, don't read what trolls on the net type about you.For instance, Ive been a victim of misunderstanding online too because typing well, its not the same as talking to a human in person, to explain your point of view. And there are bullies all over the net who mock people and try to take people down. I see it every day. People need to ignore it, just think of family and what you know about yourself and 'don't listen to bullies and haters. Ellen was right on the money with her statements. So he apologized 10 years ago and again. That's more than enough.

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People make mistakes & change. They shouldn’t be punished for the rest of their lives.I agree with Ellen 100%!! Kevin Hart should host the Oscars with his head held up high.

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I don't like Kevin Hart. It's my opinion, that he has no talent and I wouldn't watch him on any show or movie. I personally find hm obnoxious. Saying that, I do think he deserves to be forgiven for his statements years ago. People can grow and change over the years. I do think he deserves a second chance. 

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Supposedly when Mr. Hart announced he was going to host and social media blew up and he cancelled the hosting gig, he reached out to Ellen asking for her advice. She asked him to be a guest on her show and discuss what happened. 


This info was on an entertainment show tonight.

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The Ellen Show is always taped, as are most talk shows.  The View and Live are done live, but even Oprah used to be taped.

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I don’t like Kevin Hart and I don’t like Ellen. In my opinion, as long as Ellen likes someone, then everyone should accept the apology, forgive and move on but if Ellen doesn’t like someone or disagrees with a person, then there not worthy of an apology and should not be forgiven. She’s two faced, so to speak. 

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I don't watch Ellen........Don't buy her stuff, either.

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Selective forgiveness. I dislike Kevin, Rosanne, and Kathy; they are all three crude, all three comedians who are guilty of planned unfortunate remarks. All three apologized but only Ellen's friend is deserving of a second chance it seems. Why is that?

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I don't watch Ellen and to be honest I don't really have an opinion on this debacle.  What I did see earlier today is a video of Don Lemon (and I realize he is not everyone's cup of tea) explaining why there is still controversy about this.  I thought his segment was balanced and provided many different viewpoints and made me think on more than a few points.  I wish I could post it here but unfortunately there is always political stuff attached to whatever I could find so if you are interested I would more than encourage you to take a couple of moments and Google it.

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Re: Ellen today

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What did KH say that was so offensive? I’ve only heard that he said he hoped his son would not be gay. There must’ve been something else. Because I don’t know how that statement alone would be a problem for anybody. He expressed a hope for his son.  What’s the problem?  


If someone can direct me to the his entire remarks that were so offensive, I might understand a little better. I know it can’t be posted here, so maybe just a direction please.


ETA...I found a story at sf dot com with his comments. I still don’t get it.


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