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Elizabeth I Bestows a Knighthood On Explorer Francis Drake On This Day

Are you fascinated by Queen Elizabeth I?  This fun site "The Elizabeth Files" is packed with info on her remarkable reign.  It's neat to think this happened on April 4th hundreds of years ago.  Maybe the sun was shining, maybe the clouds were scudding like today, the waterside wind whipping, banners flapping.  Amid pomp and ceremony, an explorer knelt and arose as Sir Francis Drake: 



"On this day in history, on the 4th April 1581, after a sumptuous banquet, Sir Francis Drake was knighted on the deck of “The Golden Hind” by Queen Elizabeth I for completing his circumnavigation of the world and earning her £160,000 in treasure.


The Queen then consecrated the ship and ordered that it should “be drawn up in a little crecke neare Deptford upon the Thames to be preserved for all posterity”1"