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I like Elise.  I liked Katie McGee too.  The Powers-That-Be gave Katie the boot before the latest purge of four hosts.  So, anyone is vulnerable, even Elise.  

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I love Elise ... she does a great job  no matter what show she is hosting .... she is my favorite host 🥰❤️

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I am a big fan of Elyse too......presentation skills so much better than most other presenters who get much too much air time (sk,kL etc.....).  1st saw her on Beauty IQ and the then after that shut down saw her on QVC 2.... now that is shut down happy she is now seen on Qvc where is she shines.  Likeaable, positive without fakeness and soooo prepared...refreshing!!!

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I also like her.  Very professional.

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I like her calm presentations. Smiley Happy

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I always liked Elise.  I was bummed when she got moved to Beauty IQ and was glad to see her return.

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I really like her too, very professional, fun and allows the vendors to talk about their products! She also really knows her beauty!

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ITA---A very good host! Elise is always well prepared, pleasant, professional.....

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