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Since you all seem so knowledgeable (as I have been on here off and on for years), I thought Id ask if anyone has info on getting rid of eczema?.


First let me say I see a dermatologist because I had skin cancer last year (and it was cut out of my face). 


Well now at 62 yrs old for the first time in my life, I have eczema all over my arms! The dermatologist gave me (pricey) steroid cream and Ive used it 1 and 1/2 months so far and all it does is relieve some itch for a few hours. Eczema is still there and itch comes back! (I go back to dermatology in 4 months)


Does anyone have any suggestions of things you may have tried for it?


To add- Coincidentally my husband suffered with bad eczema for years (especially in the heat at his job), and this is the first year that he only has one little patch! I joke he gave his to me! (hes allergic to everything and I understand this ties in with asthma? which I do not have but he does).


And get this, my husband has rosacea all over his face now instead, so bad that he is on pills for life! (from the dermatologist) He just started the pills along with cream so will see if that helps his rosacea.


These arent the worst problems in the world of course, (just annoying) but I cant get over that I just got eczema at my age and he just got rosacea at his age. (Weird!.lol))

If you are suffering, do not wait 4 months to see the doc. Make an appointment NOW.


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To anyone experiencing eczema I completely can empathize- I am in a break out as I type this, my inner arms and upper arms.  At one time I had splotches on my face, and it was just awful. 


My Doctor gave me Triamcinolone Acetonide plus I'll use Cortizone.. I never had anything like this until I was past 66 and boy did it hit with a vengeance (my face).  This aging thing, well it piffs me out to say the least.



do NOT use Traimcinolone on the face since it contains steroids. I was doing that years ago and did not know. The steriod ointment is cheap and I got a big tub and the non steroid is much more expensive and comes in a smaller tube



Thank you @yahooey 

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You may have developed food sensitivity and the eczema is a reaction to what you're consuming.  Skin test might be in order to find the cause.

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Re: Eczema:


I don't know anything about Eczema.


As far as Rosacea (Sp?), I've seen great improvements after a couple of people I know switched to unscented laundry detergents.

I would avoid fabric softeners, as they leave a 'coating' on fabrics.

'No use' in further irritating the face/skin with various laundry detergent chemicals, some of which are harsh.

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I don't have anything scientific to 'back me up', but I'm only guessing that, as we age, our skin/bodies become more delicate and more sensitive to various fabrics, various chemicals, etc.


Well, that's what I've found and observed.


Actually, same with babies, in the beginning of their lives.

Very delicate skin.


Wishing all the best of luck in trying to calm down and/or eliminate various skin conditions.







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I also have eczema all my life.  Over the years I've noticed that I can use a product for years, and then all of a sudden I break out from it and need to stop using it.  I don't know if the manufacturer changed ingredients or sometimes I think my system just decides to not like it.  


So, when this happens I need to switch to another product. Whenever I try a new product I "skin test" myself by rubbing a dime-size amount on my inner arm and wait for 24 hours.  If I develop a rash/blisters, at least it's only on that small part of my body. If I don't, then I start using it.


Perhaps a product you've been using for years now makes you break out.  Also heat and humidity makes it worse for me.


Also, several years ago, all of a sudden the tips of my fingers and the sides of my hands broke out in a horrible rash.  Could not figure out why until I realized my cleaning person was swiping my computer keyboard with a cleaning product-- my skin was breaking out just where my hands came in contact with the keyboard! 


Don't give up.  Keep trying.  I hope you find relief very soon.

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my 15 yr old grand daughter was born with eczema. 


she is under a dermatology doctor since she has been a baby.


Her eczema got so bad on her face, she now gets shots for it. She is a beauty now. What ever these shots are they have done wonders. She is all cleared up.


the creams,and what ever else was tried she could never find relief.

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Raw honey, 3 or 4 times a day until it heals.  You should see results within 24-48 hours. Works for me. I had been dealing with eczema patches on my face for a few years after damaging my skin barrier with over zealous use of 'anti aging' products.  Now I use BOOMSilk by Cindy Joseph since it has raw organic honey as one of the 5 ingredients. I always have raw honey on hand now and put it on any patches that pop up on my hands due to detergents. Works like a charm! Previously I was always using hdrocortisone which does not work long term and can make eczema worse. I learned from Cindy's website from the ingredient deck that raw honey promotes collagen. You can buy a jar of raw honey from your supermarket for about $6 to $10. Natural is always better than a jar of chemicals. There are many companies with raw honey in their product, Iike BOOMSilk. My face has not had any eczema flareups since the raw honey (until the redness and scaling healed) and then my daily BOOMSilk. I am 65 and started the raw honey in Jan., then bought the BOOM product. I never thought my skin could recover, but it has! My skin is healthy again.