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Re: Ebay Issues....Groan!!

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Ive never had a problem with Ebay and I use both my laptop and phone and I use the same browser.....I guess Im just lucky..... Ive had to verify myself on Amazon before using differnt devices for ordering....

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@rockygems123 wrote:



That's frustrating!  I've sold on Ebay for 26 years and use laptops, a PC, cell phone and tablets and havent had the lockout issue.


Have you tried calling them?  It should only take them a few minutes to call you back after you click on the Help & Contact button.


@rockygems123   As far as I know, there is no way to call any longer, and because there is no way of contacting ebay, it is no longer user friendly.

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Ebay just isn't as user-friendly as it used to be!


Twice in the past year I have sold something on Ebay, sent it out First Class Mail with tracking, and the packages got mis-routed or temporarily lost.  You could follow the tracking sequence, so there was no doubt that it had been mailed.


Nevertheless, Ebay put a "hold" on my funds for the amount of the sale while things got sorted out!   


WHY would Ebay think I had anything to do with the USPS, or my money should be held hostage because of their delivery issues???   I have NOTHING to do with how the post office delivers ... but they thought it was okay to "blame" me and put a hold on my funds?


To me, it made no sense whatsoever!  Woman Frustrated

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I was able to sign in last night!  I had offered a price and the seller emailed me.  I got in through the email!

Who ever wrote their software........just won't go there!