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Re: Ear stretchers...

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Some tattoos are fine but those on the face and those metal things on the face are disgusting.  Why people mutilate themselves is beyond me.  When I was doing mammography I had a young woman with nipple bleeding.  Her Doctor sent her for a mammogram..  Great, she like got all upset with me when I told her, "First of all those nipple rings have to be taken out."  She said, "I just got them and don't have too."  I said fine, went for the radiologist and he talked to her... If memory serves he also called her Doctor... needless to say those nipple rings came out.  Not one but both..  Gave me shivers!





OHHHH I was able to post!!!!!  I take it the site is fixed?

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They're called gauges according to my teen granddaughters, who corrected me one time when I called them plugs!


I think they are horrible too, and my  2 teen granddaughters think they are cool, but of course my grandkids don't have them (and hopefully never will).


I also don't like tats on the neck and face and I don't care for them showing when people are dressed up! It looks to me like the tats dress them down while they are dressed up,if that makes sense?! (Although I DO appreciate the artwork of tats).


Anyway I have no tats, but I do have each ear pierced twice but I rarely wear a 2nd pair of earrings. Mostly just one pair is what I wear.

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