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Re: Ear Ringing any relief??

@Sweetbay magnolia wrote:

Avoid excessive loud noise.  It's my understanding that often, the little hairs (cilia) in the ear get "mowed down" by a bombardment of aural stimulation.  We live in an increasingly noisy world.


Ironically, then the brain starts to try and fill a void, which was our hearing, (if we were born lucky), as it would be "naturally".  Ringing.  Whether it is a filter or a replacement for something lost, is not clear.   It looks to me like the chicken/egg scenario.  Hearing loss is not unheard of with age, that's for sure!


Mine comes and goes.  I don't bother about it anymore.  To me it is just a part of life, now.  Mine is worse on the left side, which is where I am when driving with the window down, and blasting music as well.


I have had help by having ear wax removed, when it has built up and compacted.  Again, was the ear wax there to help and protect . . .

@Sweetbay magnolia


To clarify:


The little hairs in the ear, which you've called cilia, are not hairs.  They are located in the inner ear and are nerve endings.  When these nerve endings are the receptors of let's say the magnitude of noise and vibration men and women working on an air craft carrier in the Navy incur, the nerve endings can lose structure, becoming smaller, much smaller or decimated altogether.  Presently, the Department of Defense and DoD ENT researchers are working hard every day to (1) develop an actual cure for the deafness, which follows the decimation of the tiny nerve endings; (2) working to develop head and ear gear which will better protect the head and ears on a flight deck and other high noise environments (the end results in this field will spill over into the private sector, which is great); and, (3) attemts have been made since 2002, with some small success, to develop a drug which can be taken prior to exposure to high noise venues.  All of this research was unfortunately placed on hold for 8 years, but is now back on track.  Look for headyway to be made in the next 5-10 years.