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Frankly, I'm surprised it's still going.

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Kathy Levine  and her hubby bought it.

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Remember when they changed the name to Evine Live, Kathy Levine was involved and it was going to be a prmier shopping network? Everyone speculated that Kathy had bought into the company. I think losing Beekman and Demitri really did Evine in. I hardly shop there anymore. I did by a watch recently. lol. I love the Gevril brand that they had the other day as a TTV. 

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I admit I don't shop at the home shopping networks the way I did before I retired.  I remember the days when Evine was Value Vision, than ShopNBC and changed their name  again before it became Evine.  In any case, I hope their sales improve and continue to do well. 

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I love Evine, I've gotten some really good items from them through the years, One of my nightly routines is to check for their special for the next day.



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I think and I'm literally just speculating here that since Beekman left, then the move with SSC and Sly Stallone purchasing huge stock holdings, Skinn leaving and Invicta infusing cash and taking stock options, it just appears to me that they are banking on those 2 brands to save them. All the other vendors are small potatoes (except maybe some of the jewelry, but that has been a hit and miss - the 3 amigos are no more and quality has gone down and high end is $$$$.. I hope they stay in business because I enjoy some of the items offered and prefer it over the repetitiveness of QVC and HSN. I'm glad Dimitri is with HSN but I'm not happy that he hasn't been on much and the offerings are slim - nothing like the mega kits Evine offered. Kinda made the outrageous shipping palatable. Now I biuy very little on Evine. I like some of the Active Argan oils, but aside from that, I don't need to worry about my card burning up anymore.Ce la vie - everything changes. 

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Linda Moss, Homeshoppingista; has an extensive blog post about the Evine name change to ShopHQ and the mass executive layoffs due to the big drop in revenue the 1st quarter.



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@Pecky Don't forget, they sometimes go to Ireland for The Waterford Crystal Shows Woman Wink

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Maybe they'll move watches to the new men's channel, Shop Bulldog, leaving ShopHQ watch-free, relatively speaking.

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Everytime I consider buying a watch, I look at the s&h and slowly back out.  Not paying $10. to buy a watch.  A number of us have noticed a decrease in quality of the Gems en Vogue and Chuck Clemency merchandise, which is too bad.  I'm pretty much finished with them.

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