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Just for reference -


I found a 2015 ebay auction on a set of MOP chips from Asprey's with a damaged box. They said it had recently been appraised fror $4000 to $6000. They were asking for a bid of $2000 to start. There were no bidders. Seller was in the US.


You might get more $$ by contacting British auction houses, or looking on the UK Antiques roadshow site. Asprey's doesn't mean to the US what it means in the UK. Might be more collectible there.





I just tried to duplicate that search and couldn't.  How did you get back to a 2015 auction?



@Tinkrbl44, I wasn't searching for old auctions per se. I just googled "MOP poker chip" or gaming chips + Asprey's and it popped up in the results. I've had that happen before looking for jewelry - Etsy, Ebay, auction houses, etc will show up in the results.

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I used to be a Seller on Ebay for many years.....I would NOT sell them on there now.


As one of the other posters said.....the buyer could say they were counterfeit and mail you back anything and they would get their money back.....then what do you would have to make good on the deal out of your own pocket......


Too many scammers on there and Paypal doesn't think twice about refunding their money.




I'm not sure how that could even happen.  They aren't marked, just stunning mother of pearl chips.  I will list them on the neighbor's Ebay account, so just how would Paypal take my money?   


BTW ......    I did have a problem once with a buyer who said he didn't get what he thought he was getting and wanted his money back.  It was a $20 item.  (He said he didn't look at the pictures, which were very clear).    Ebay arranged his returning the item to me ....  and then issued a refund.    


I thought the guy was an idiot and DISPUTED THE REFUND by calling Ebay Customer Service and explaining the sequence of events.  Ebay agreed with me and immediately refunded my money!   So .....   not only did I get the item back, but I also got refunded the money as well ....  I came out ahead on this crazy transaction!  Go figure.