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Re: Duchess of Cambridge at 40

Gorgeous pictures.  I saw the full UK version and they amazingly beautiful.  These will go into the royal  archives as official portraits that will be seen by historians and the public for hundreds of years.  She's a natural beauty and she's wise enough to know that her amazing hair is her crowning glory.  My favorite is the red dress one.  She looks l

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Re: Duchess of Cambridge at 40

I think the pictures are beautiful.  They don't look like "everyday Kate", but then they aren't supposed to.

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Re: Duchess of Cambridge at 40

@bobby5 wrote:
Oh see I like that first photo. It reminds me of something you'd see in a history book of royalty from years ago.

I loved Diana & was so sad when she died. I had no more interest in the Royals until Will & Kate got together & started their family. Now I love following them again. Kate reminds me of elegant.

@SharkE Thank you for posting these!

@bobby5 I agree about the "historical" look to photo 1.  I found this one of First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln from yesteryear!


Biography of Mary Todd Lincoln, Troubled First Lady

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Re: Duchess of Cambridge at 40

@Sooner wrote:

@Drythe wrote:

I think this type of photo is about her personal beauty, not the bling.


Read in a book about Alexander T. G. ...


‘You are not a camel hucksters daughter; you do not need to display your wealth on your body in order to make a good marriage.’


Don’t know why, but it stuck with me.



@Drythe I don't care about all that!  I want to see the jewels!!!!!!!  Woman Very HappyWoman EmbarassedWoman Surprised





No doubt you will have plenty opportunities.  



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Re: Duchess of Cambridge at 40

Kate Middleton's 40th Birthday Portraits Are Worthy of a Future Queen |


Kate is preparing more than ever for her role as future queen consort alongside William, taking on more royal duties as Queen Elizabeth has canceled engagements due to recent health issues.


Kate Middleton wows with surprise piano performance at Christmas carol  service | Metro News


Most recently, Kate hosted her first ever Christmas carol concert (and debuted her piano skills) at Westminster Abbey in tribute to the incredible work of individuals and organizations across the U.K. who have supported their communities through the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Kate Middleton Plays Piano During Christmas TV Special


Kate has also entered into a new family dynamic. With 3-year-old son Prince Louis off to nursery school, all three of the couple's children are out of the toddler years. Still, Kate is heavily involved in the lives of Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis despite the helpful hand of nanny Maria Turrion Borrallo.


Kate "runs things at home with the kids and the schedules," says a friend. "She is hugely involved in every single part of their day."


She is "more and more impressive as time goes on," says a source close to the royal household. "She is a focused and professional woman."

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Re: Duchess of Cambridge at 40

She looks beautiful.


The photographs are classic and timeless.  


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Re: Duchess of Cambridge at 40

@grandma r , I agree

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Re: Duchess of Cambridge at 40


Thanks for the photo. That's exactly what I was talking about.
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Re: Duchess of Cambridge at 40

@SharkE wrote:



I really like this picture.  


She's the wife of a future King, the mother of a future Monarch.


She's royalty and will go down in the history books as such.

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Re: Duchess of Cambridge at 40

@Shawnie wrote:

Don't care for her excessively long hair, it ages her.  She looks a lot older than forty.  And i don't think any of the photos do anything for her.

Kate's hair is GORGEOUS! LOVE her long hair!!! She DOESN'T look a lot older than forty. Her photos are BEAUTIFUL!!!