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Congratulations! I'm so glad for you, @gidgetgh!

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Congratuations and happy for you. Odd that they didn't schedule the second at the time you got your first. I got my first shot yesterday and also got that sticker!!  I have a sore arm today and had a sore throat last night, kind of....just scratchy. But today I'm fine except for the sore arm and being kind of tired. I AM SO RELIEVED. I sense you are too! Smiley Happy  



@BriggsiePeawiggle yeah, at first our health dept.  said we'd be on our own to find a 2nd shot.  Yikes.  But then they saw that everyone else was automatically booking second shots so they changed their procedure, thankfully.  Changed the procedure the morning of my first shot. But then you were still left in limbo until a week becfore the 2nd shot was due, waiting for a text from them with the appt. date.  I was on pins and needles.  But all ran smoothly this morning.

I'm in this boat now. I received the first dose and was told that I would be contacted to make the second appointment. I should be getting the second dose in a week and haven't heard anything. My coworkers and I are all getting anxious about it. We all got the first shot the same day because we work in a preschool and were set up through a web link provided to our employer. I hope we hear something soon! 

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@gidgetgh - that is great news! My hubby goes for his second this week and I will be so relieved as he has heart disease (not that we are going anywhere).


I registered for mine last week and got a note back saying it won't be until May for me. As the vaccines are delayed to my state, I'm thinking maybe June.


We are still being cautious when we go out as certain areas near me are still Red Zones.

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That's great!  Wish DH and I could get ours!  I thought I saw on t.v. where they are cracking down - when you get the first, they are supposed to schedule your second.  If so, they should have been doing this all along.  

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I finally got my first one through the county and have to wait for them to email me to set up my 2nd vaccine. My state was ranked 48th to 50th in the country for vaccine distribution so who knows how it'll go.


Our governor is giving thousands of doses to huge corporations to give to their employees so police, EMS, medical workers, teachers, and the elderly have to wait.