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Re: Don't like Isaac 24/7 pants

I must be the only one that they bag out on.  I have bought them in two sizes and they always are a baggy mess after a couple of hours.   I have this problem with Flexibelle jeans.  They start out fitting great and a few hours later my butt and knees are stretched out.  

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Re: Don't like Isaac 24/7 pants

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I love them.  And I didn't think I would like them because they always look so tight and fitted on the models, I thought they ran super small.


I took a chance and ordered a pair on deep clearance and I am so glad I did.  I ordered my normal size and they fit me perfect.  I find nothing rough or scratchy about the material, they didn't shrink at all when washed and they don't sag or bag or stretch out when I wear them.  They have the perfect amount of slight stretch to make them move with me and be comfortable but not so much stretch that I spend all day hiking them up because they are out of shape.


To be fair, I only own one pair in a black/gray medallion print but I will definitely give more of these a try.