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Does the Capillus cap really work?

Does this work, and how much did you pay for it? There are so many commercials on TV and the prices and monthly payment options keep changing. Thanks for any info.

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Re: Does the Capillus cap really work?

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If that's the one that supposedly makes your hair grow, I think it's the silliest ad I've seen in years. How many gullible people will spend their money on this gimmick?


My guess: A lot


How many will admit to getting no results?  None.


Just my opinion, I don't trust gimmicks like this.


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Re: Does the Capillus cap really work?

@2Kittys Here's a long it does not work

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Re: Does the Capillus cap really work?

Capillus is very expensive.  Many more lasers than others I have seen, so coverage would be much better.  


Absolutely, laser technology works.  I've seen proof of it. 


I heard it only works on men with male pattern baldness and females with female pattern baldness.  So, it's important to get your hair loss diagnosed. Other conditions can cause hair loss.


Although, there is someone here who uses the Capillus for another condition and stands by it. Hope she sees this.  


Of course, following directions is very important.  Some buyers purchase laser for hair loss not caused by pattern baldness and/or don't give it a chance, give up, then say it doesn't work. 


It will take about two months to stop losing hair, then new hair begins coming in slowly and often unevenly over the scalp.  Give it a good six months.  Often hair continues coming in after that six months.  So give it a year.  Long time, yes, but better than thinning hair.  


It's often recommended to use Minoxidil at the same time.  Don't know of anyone who used it with laser, but worth a try.  




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Re: Does the Capillus cap really work?

I have the CapillusPro cap. It's their best one. Been using it since Aug '18 and it works better than any of the other laser devices I own. Yes, it was an investment. I paid almost 3K for it but I'll have it for the rest of my life and I plan on taking it to the grave with me when the time comes.