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Re: Does anyone have worse customer service then Verizon?

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@BalletBabe  That is a good idea.  If your accounts are only in your husbands names, make sure you have your name added to the account while they are still alive (usually can be done with only a phone call), or are shown as an "authorized" person who can make changes.  


I would hate to have to come up with a death certificate to change an account.  I understand why companies would need this, but if you are already on the account, you can make any changes you like if they were to pass away or become ill, etc..

@CAcableGirl2and everyone else.  Remember this, the funeral home tries to talk you into getting , A lot of  Death Certificates and they charge like 10.00 a piece.  Do not buy more then 6 of them because you can copy them if you need more a lot cheaper.  Most places just need to see it.   The funeral homes try to get every penny out of you they can also.  If you have a joint account (checking)  leave it open for one year.  You need death certificate to show them and they will remove his name, but still have him on the account.  If you close it, they won't be able to put the checks through. I waited 1 yr and then closed that account and opened one at another bank.  There is so much to think about and things you learn the hard way.  


On top of all that , I had my neighbor stalking me for almost 2 months. 

Just as an fyi, the funeral home isn't gettting the money for those death certificates unless they are charging you an additional fee on top of the vital recors charge.  The funeral home doesn't create them, they have to order/purchase them from whatever agency in your area handles death and birth certificates.  In my area, it's our county vital records.  In some areas the city has their own vital records department.  My county charges $25.00 per death certificate.  Yes many times the funeral home will obtain them for you because it's easier then you having to get them from vital records but the funeral home is charging what they are being charged.

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Re: Does anyone have worse customer service then Verizon?

I've had horrible experiences w/ Verizon, I went to their FB page, wrote how miserable their service was and how I was going to drop it--there are a lot of other ppl there also saying basically the same. The two words you'll see most is, "Verizon S*cks". They called me back, begged me not to quit but finally answered my question. I still quit. Keep track of any ongoing communication you have with them, they still goofed mine up.


Good luck, I truly mean that.

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Re: Does anyone have worse customer service then Verizon?

I can't recall ever hearing anyone saying something good about Verizon!  But - lots of complaints heard!