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Does anyone else get scatterbrained ???

I swear,I feel like my brain has left the building some days.

I used to be able to focus.I could tell you from memory what was on my calendar for the month,without even looking at it.But no more.It scares me sometimes.I'm in my mid-40's and I feel like my brain is 90.

Just today I took my car in for inspection.The tech asked me why my registration sticker said January????

I put DH's cars sticker on MY car(HIS is due in January).So I had to go to the local DOT agency to get a new sticker for DH's car(you can't remove the sticker without destroying it),and a new one for my car,because I could not FIND my car's sticker(I USED to be able to keep all this stuff straight!!)

I paid $4o.oo for 2 new stickers ,only to realize I HAD the right sticker on my car all along.(there is a space on botht the left and right side of the license plate for stickers here in Pennsylvanis).Oh dear Lawd,I'm too young to have a brain this old.

I think I need some GinkoBiloaba or something.

I'm gonna stay away from heavy machinery(and light machinery,and spoons for that matter)for the day........

portie :-/