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Re: Does Everyone Have Insurance

I suggest looking into an HMO type of insurance, especially 'K'.  


What's nice about 'K' is that you know exactly what the co-payments are, etc.


You choose your doctors, and you can change them at any time.


The best of luck to you.


Lots of good suggestions here, too.

'More or less', 'Right or wrong', 'In general', and 'Just thinking out loud ' (as usual).
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Re: Does Everyone Have Insurance

So you don't qualify for a subsidy due to your income, and the price you are mentioning here is for the most bare bones marketplace Bronze plan? I think everyone should have at least catastrophic coverage even if it means a high deductible.

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Re: Does Everyone Have Insurance



I feel your pain. One of my greatest fears is to be without health insurance. 


My entire adult life, major decisions about jobs have been based heavily on the insurance. I just feel like a middle class person cannot be without it. We would never qualify for medicaid, and finding a job that had good insurance (and now affordable as well) was given more consideration than pay, location or even duties or company worked for. 


I hope you find a solution and soon. Being in my late 50's I'm shocked at what insurance is costing for some people these days. We are super blessed in that my husband has wonderful insurance, and no deductible and cost is almost nothing. I pray it lasts. 

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Re: Does Everyone Have Insurance

@Munchkincat wrote:
I recently divorced, sold my 1/2 of my house to my hubby, quit my job and moved to another city. I was looking for a job and along cane the virus and it’s a lot harder to find a job. I’ve always had insurance through my hubby’s work but needless to say I don’t have that anymore. I had insurance through the Marketplace for awhile but since I’m not working my tax credit was cancelled. If I wanted to keep what I had it would be $700 a month with an $8000 deductible. I worry about something happening and I have no insurance. Does anyone else not have insurance?

@Munchkincat not having insurance is like playing Russian Roulette. I buy my insurance through the marketplace, I spend about $800 a month. I'm not working, I am using my savings to pay my insurance premiums. I don't want to take a chance of something foreseeable happening, In the new year I'm going to have to try and work something else out, I can't keep using all my savings on my health insurance.

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Re: Does Everyone Have Insurance

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@Munchkincat I feel for you and hope you find something that's reasonable.  When my husband was working he was impossible to live with and there were many times I wanted to walk out but didn't because I didn't want to suffer the consequences of no health insurance.  


Now that he is retired he is a different human being that I'm finally getting to know.  He's attentive, fully focused, laid back and enjoys bantering about any subject. 


So different from the man I lived with for many years and had given up all hope that the guy I married would ever resurface.  


The ball and chain was his job and now that he's free from it, life is totally different. Glad I hung in there, despite there being many dark days.  

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Re: Does Everyone Have Insurance

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions given. A couple of you mentioned COBRA - I was offered that but it was $1000 a month and I couldn’t afford that. I might just have to pay cash for appts and use group RX for my prescriptions. I just worry about something happening and having to go to the hospital. A lot of the plans have such a high deductible and monthly cost that I think I might do better paying cash as long as nothing drastic happens. I do have a comment for Cats 01-While I think you wanted to help you implied that I hadn’t given my situation a lot of thought. You don’t know my situation but yes I thought about spousal support and ha omg my husband foot the bill for my insurance. Also I gave thought to my job also but I did what was best for me at the time. As I said I think you thought you were helping but comments like that aren’t helpful.
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Re: Does Everyone Have Insurance

@Cats3000 wrote:

Maybe, continuing insurance should have been something worked out by your divorce attorney.  Maybe, spousal support should have been something worked out by your divorce attorney.  Maybe, quitting your job was not the best choice you could have made.  You should have sought advice from a qualified counselor before you jumped ship.


If you don't have a job and don't have an income, you may have to apply for Medicaid.


 The would of, could of, should of remarks are totally uncalled for and even worse, intentionally mean.