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Re: Dodged a Bullet- Wedding related

That's too bad! My sister is getting married this Friday and there is rain in the forecast! Her wedding is indoors but the rain wil make it it difficult to take nice pictures outside (and keep your hair in good shape. Rain on your wedding day is good luck though. 

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Re: Dodged a Bullet- Wedding related

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We were very lucky - my niece married on Saturday - the hottest/most humid day of the year so far.  Wedding was scheduled to be outside (and the actual ceremony was) but it was only 15 minutes then everyone was moved inside for the other 4 hours of the wedding.  This venue at least has backup plans (for rain and extreme heat) but the couple wanted the ceremony outside.  The officiant was miked and some of the older ppl who didn't want to sit in the extreme heat sat in a parlor type area of the building looking out at the wedding and could watch and hear the outdoor ceremony.   


I chose outside for the ambiance and though weather was brutal quickly forgot about it once we stepped inside in the A/C.



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Re: Dodged a Bullet- Wedding related

As long as they got their gifts - they sound like people who focus on what really matters!